Cedar Springs Puppies

We will post pictures of the new litter soon.



Photos and videos of our previous litter below

2 black pups


puppies playing

Glacieridge's Solar Eclipse Cedar Springs Picabo's Khaki Pants
Glacieridge's Solar Eclipse. WC
"Solar needs just 3 more points to finish his championship "
Cedar Springs Picabo's Khaki Pants
"Khaki needs a major to finish her championship
         Pedigree Glacieridge's solar Eclipse 

        Litter Certificate Picabo's Khaki Pants 





Is anyone looking?/font>
This is hard work!
Mirror, mirror on the wall
The End


Kia and her great-grandpups


Typical Cedar Springs Puppies

"Reading makes me tired "

"Is that me in the mirror?"

King of the snowpile

Fun in the leaves


Which way did they go?


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